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We are looking for an experienced marketing person to manage the day-to-day marketing of the company, build and set a great company culture, provide inspiring leadership, and set the company vision and course for success.

The person will be working along with other people in the marketing department and liaising with
company executives to establish company-wide goals. This will include brand marketing, pricing,
advertising, market research, marketing communications, project management, and public

The position requires individuals with a great deal of understanding of marketing through multiple
channels including organic SEO strategies, copywriting, content generation, keyword research,
search intent, social media content generation, website management, creating landing pages,
PPC campaigns with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, website management using WordPress, email
marketing, and ESP tools for email automation, ability to communicate and create plans with
deadlines and execute clearly.


Candidates must be able to follow SOP, create necessary SOP documentation, follow through if the issue is not resolved right away, and ask for help if there is a roadblock.

ellipse  EXTREMELY well organized
ellipse  Proactive problem solver
ellipse  Must think in terms of benefits NOT solutions/products
ellipse  Must be a self-starter, outside-the-box thinke
ellipse  Be able to work under pressure, keep organized and look for solutions
ellipse  Seek out solutions when they hit a roadblock instead of dropping the task and forgetting it

Tools that must have experience in:

ellipse  All social media platforms and tools such as Hootsuite or similar
ellipse  Email marketing and email automation platforms
ellipse  Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Ahrefs
ellipse  Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ad Manager
ellipse  Understanding of WordPress

Must have high-speed internet with at least 10m connection access to a working computer and a
quiet place to work

Roles & Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities are to increase brand awareness, and drive revenue by increasing sales through marketing activities. The most important part of this job is creating and executing the brand’s marketing campaigns with deadlines and pre-defined KPIs.

Effectively and professionally manage the entire marketing department and all facets
related to it, including the following areas:

1) Website Management:

ellipse  New page creations for products, landing pages, etc
ellipse  Modify and fine-tune existing page(s) for more effective content to convert traffic
ellipse  Ensure website performance is at its best
ellipse  Analytics of Website performance, visitor count, analysis to improve the customer
journey, page speeds, domain authority etc

2) Manage the social media accounts, create posts, maintain relevancy and keep the brand
on top of social media to gain as much exposure as possible, these include;

ellipse  LinkedIn
ellipse  Facebook
ellipse  Instagram
ellipse  Twitter
ellipse  Influencer Marketing

3) Manage graphics and graphic designers:

ellipse  Create any graphics and design requirements needed
ellipse  manage the design team to ensure they are on brand, messaging is clear and

4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

ellipse  Review the SEO team to ensure our organic SEO efforts are not being wasted
ellipse  Work with bloggers and copywriters to ensure the content of all outlets are on par with brand messaging and effective
ellipse  publish articles through 3rd party sites and create backlinks

5) PPC Campaigns

ellipse  Must be able to demonstrate an ROI for any advertising campaigns
ellipse  Have a clear KPI and consistently achieve and surpass the set KPI

6) Newsletters

ellipse Be able to manage the monthly newsletter to send out the latest company info to create demand for products and services

7) Customer Journey Automation:

ellipse  Create customer journey flows for new sign-ups along with all the communications at each stage from sign-up to conversion to a paid account and beyond
ellipse Knowledge of Go High Level is very useful

8) Online Marketing: Be able to find resources online to list our products to drive inbound leads, these
would include;

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